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Nicolai Helius AC29 – Fashion VS Technology.

September 22, 2011

Terrence wanted a “refresh” for his Nicolai Helius AC 29ner. But was pretty much unsure how much more he could upgrade or enhance without going over-board.

This is what we call a “Fashion VS Technology” situation. You cannot decide between them because you cannot compromise on either.

From upgrading of components for technology, updates, or purely for aesthetic purposes, we have almost done it all.

And this time, the owner handed us the with these words ” Suprise me “. Looking at the outcome, we are glad we did not hold back and had the full paint job and decal work done for the entire frame.

Special AttitudeBikes Decals, wrapped chain-stay with inner tubes fully slotted over- something we saw at The Nicolai Hausmesse 2011 on the Ion 14

This Nicolai Helius AC 29ner you see here has gone through so much changes from the initial build. It kind of seems like the versatility of Nicolai Bikes are endless.

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