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Nicolai Hausmesse 2011, Part 2 – The History.

September 28, 2011

This is “THE” frame – Mongoose Amplifier 2. A Nicolai Made frame for Mongoose before starting Nicolai Bikes in 1996. And in 1995 Brian Lopes became NORBA champ and Leigh Donavan became World on this very frame and the Amplifier eventually gets improvements and upgrads to be the first Nicolai model – Nicolai Trombone.

What we have here is a Nicolai UFO DS prototype. Dual seat post position for Dual Salom and Trail riding. One of the graduation projects by Hoshi, was what we were told. Unfortunately the UFO DS will no longer be available as a production frame but rather it’s successor – Nicolai ION 14.

Next an interesting tandem that Vincent can really use for some great weight lifting exercise, a Nicolai Nucleon Tandem. Not sure if its a production bike but it sure resembles the Nucleon DH in a way or another!

If you are wondering, no its not a Helius or an Ion. Its actually one of the first few Nicolai Lamda Prototypes. Wondering of the possibility to have all these bikes build up and eventually have a museum of these history bearing beauties.

This frame, will have an interesting story. Wiesmann Autosport, a german Roadster making company becomes Nicolai’s new mountain bike racing team partner. We were told that the riders in the team had their chances to drive the Wiesmann Roaster from time to time as part of the sponsership! Who doesnt want that! Eventually in year 1999 Team Nicolai Wiesmann Roadster came in 2nd place during the EM title for Dual Slalom.

Well if you arn’t satisfied till now and wish to know more then these few highlights we have here, theres a full list of Nicolai’s History for you! Till then, we will have part 3 – The 2012s with all the new flashy and bling blings and a part 4 to sum up our tour to the Nicolai Bi-Yearly Haumesse.

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