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Nicolai Hausmesse 2011, Part 3 – The 2012s.

September 29, 2011

As usual the anodized tubes are shown and so are the painted ones. Unfortunately the new apple green anodized is only shown on the ION 14 which we will show the picture shortly. We promise 🙂

Standard RAL colors to the Dizzy and Standard Camos. These tube tells a thousand different combinations when they come together!

Finishing the frames in style with these multiple Extra Love color anodized rocker caps that you can mix and match, it isn’t that difficult any more to make your Nicolai frame hell of a ride, right?

We also stumble upon displays of these precisely made head tubes that will come as standard or options on 2012 frames.

We also saw a Pinion mold in Plastic, possibly use for checking the tolerance when welding the first few frames that are Pinion equip/ EuroBikes? Or just a dummy piece?

Through the window towards the welders table, we manage to spot this ION 18 front end gusset.

And also a yet to be finish ION 18 Main frame!

Besides what that makes those awesome Nicolai frames we will also need to complete the look and the package. Kalle’s mum had this wonderful spread of Nicolai “Must buys!” all over the table! T shirts, Jerseys, Caps, Old Numeric Magazines, Etc.

The weather did became temperamental for a while on both days, but we are always bless by the sun for short spans where everyone’s able to mingle and test ride some of these bikes that were on display.

Some of the 2012 catalog bikes, Team bikes and some very unique Nicolais ( which we later found out, belonging to some of these guys from the factory!). That pretty much explains the small little modification, proto-type “stuff” that you do not get as an option when ordering one!

Everyone had fun and there was at one point an organized ride for some enthusiast and fellow Nicolai owners whom were there for the event. And of course, most of the 2012 bikes were all taken up in no time once they were up for a test ride!

Bike Bauer was there to grace the event as well with more bikes from their stable which added much spice to the open house on the second day. Which means now, the final part 4 – The Bikes. Will need you to put on those sun glasses you have and prepare for the glares from the new, and the shiny and the beauties of the Nicolai Hausmesse 2011.

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