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Nicolai Hausmesse 2011, Part 4 – The Bikes ( Final “ly”)

September 30, 2011

This is going to be a long post, less words and many photos.

First we have this tailored made Helius AM which belongs to Frank Schneider

Show casing one of the latest RESET 3 pedals. 100% Handmade in Germany, and yes it bites both your shin and your pocket when you have one!

Next up that catches everyone’s attention, the new anodized apple green and the new ION 14 4x/ trail bike. Also know as the successor over the legendary UFO DS.

A new option that Nicolai may consider offering will be these anodized RADOs in matching colors to the EXTRA LOVE options. (which is in short for right aligning dropout).

We also saw this extremely light weight Road bike that weights some what a carbon road bike will be on the scale! Amazing!

Tapered Head tube with Reset racing headset of a Nicolai Helius AC 29ner.

Next up will be the Nicolai Nucleon AM 2012, this will be one of the 2012 catalog frame/ bike.

The beauty of the G-boxx matched with these purple anodized EXTRA LOVE options for G-boxx frames (Nucleon AM and Nucleon E2) from 2012 onwards.

The complete package will include the rear hub and disc brake mountings.

And also the rear wheel tensioner systems.

With the hype of the 29ner bikes for 2012, its rather surprising that we only see 3 29ner Nicolai at the show. This is an Argon CC 29ner equipped with Rohloff and Gates Carbon drive.

And then its Stephan’s Race Argon Single speeder which made very fast lap times during a recent endurance race!

You will definitely need to check out these light but strong welding and thoughtful positioning of these gussets.

Heres a very special Helius AC.

Size S, and for a lady. But thats not what it is.

We spotted a direct E-type mounting front D mount on this bike as Nicolai have been testing this system in order to solve the issue of chain dropping onto the bottom bracket area when you use the standard top mount front Ds for Nicolai full suspension frames.

The system is still due for more fine tuning like the ideal cable routing etc.

How can this CCDB Air can not catch our sight? Mounted on a Nicolai Ion ST which happen to, at the same time draw our attention to something else on front of the bike.

An internal routing cable system for both the brake and the gear!

There isn’t any ION 20 or ION 18 on display but Bike Bauer brought in their Raw Nucleon E2 with Red Anodized EXTRA LOVE including the G-boxx to have the frame repainted in Bike Bauer color for the 2012 catalog.

With the new all over we also spotted this oldie, a Nicolai Nucleon DH. Brought in to the factory by a customer for service. Comparing with the Nucleon E2, this is how much the technology have changed the flagship gear box Nicolai Bikes over the years.

Two GRACE bikes was there for test ride and at one point, Frank and Marco Hosel took the bikes out onto the road for a little ride together and were totally impressed!

With all the highlights over now lets take a look at some of the other Nicolai bikes that were there, starting off with this Nicolai Helius AC in Anodized Gold.

A Nicolai featuring the 1.5 headtube which will come as standard for 2012 on Helius AM frames.

Helius AM seems to be a rather popular model so much that we see another custom variation with this tailored made version for use with a 180mm BOS Idylle SC fork.

Next on the line of popularity will be the Helius AC. Which we have here in Fire-Department red fully equipped with DT SWISS products and some test batch of the BrakeForceOne brake sets.

To this Newly build version which the customer collected during show after its finish and completely build by Nicolai with the popular parts like ZTR flow rims and Hope pro 2 hubs combinations.

So here we are, from the insufficient 2 days. To the amazing history that leads to the latest 2012 technology and products. Creating all these every refreshing bikes that have been showcase during the Nicolai Hausmesse 2011. We hope that we have brought you closer to what Nicolai Bikes is all about and feel free to drop us a mail, a ring or a visit so we may share the experience ( and more photos ) with fellow Nicolai enthusiasts.

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