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Nicolai Helius FR 2009 – Keeping Up With The Times.

January 18, 2012

It is always a joy to ride your bike again after fitting on some fresh parts, especially when you’ve been running pretty much the same set-up for 2 years. I’d reckon the joy is even more evident if that bike is a Nicolai. With it’s timeless design, you only need a change of parts to ‘keep up with the times’ as I would like to phrase it. The owner of this 2009 Helius FR has done exactly that, all the while sticking to the original white/blue theme, with a splash of gold.

It started out with subtle changes like the Shimano Saint brakes with blue hydraulic hoses.

The front suspension fork was replaced with a custom painted RockShox Totem…

…while the rear, the old shock was replaced with a reworked RockShox Vivid Air.

To top it off, a brand new pair of anodized blue ZTR flow rims were laced to Chris King hubs with blue Ti spokes.

– Ben

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