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Owner’s Submission – Sheer Indulgence, Pure Pleasure. Extra, extra (custom) love.

January 27, 2012

Every Nicolai owner buys their bike(s) with no preempted knowledge of what else they would be getting apart from the marvels of German engineering and brilliant bicycle technology.

It is only upon receipt of the bike that they find themselves equipped with a story behind their choice of build, which eventually formulates that sales pitch that they will preach to fellow riders and friends. Some owners-to-be think they have these figured out, but it never really gets cast in stone until they start going about the building of the bikes.

My love for a good brand story and pride in hand-made products both found Mr Right when they met precision in Nicolai. That chain reaction led to the inspiration for both the owner and AttitudeBikes in throwing out crazy ideas and combinations – what we’d like to call creative conceptualization. Simple words that hold heavy weight in the world of infinite possibilities. What i wanted was simple: individualism in my bikes, with no compromise in style and performance. Bikes that are in their own right, personified and defined.

In true fashion of culture fusion between AttitudeBikes and Nicolai, 2012 proves to be a sensational year yet. Raising the bar in the world of custom anything and everything, identities are born, and bikes are rolling out. We invite you to be charmed by our latest ‘elemental’ hotties – Wildfire, and Iceflare.

Project: Wildfire
Theme: ‘Sizzlin’ Hot Rod’
Frame: Nicolai ION14, Anodized Orange Finish with Red Extra Love
Fork: Rockshox Lyrik
Wheelset: Atomlab Pimplites / Chris King Tango / Pillar Ti Spokes / Atomlab Torque Nipples
Brakes: Magura Marta SL

Wildfire was born when I had browsed the Nicolai catalogue one too many times and fell in love with the anodized orange finish.

When the then-prototype ION14 made its debut, it seemed only right that I should materialize my plans. Having been riding hardtails for most of my life, the short travel ION14 seemed like the perfect entry into the world of full-suspension bicycles.

The initial requirements were to have it set up for trail and fun riding, with priority in performance and reliability.

From that stage, the projected final build was agreed upon with a mix of SRAM components, Magura hydraulics, and Chris King/Atomlab rollers.The complimentary colour to that was decided as anodized red for an end product that would visually speak passion, as suggested by the creative visionaries at AttitudeBikes.

When the frame arrived, it didn’t seem like there was a fork that came in a colour that would gel well with the intended look and feel. That, along with a childhood dream of always wanting to incorporate airbrushing work in my bike, led to the move in airbrushing the fork with flames that would only be befitting for the bike called Wildfire.

Project: Iceflare
Theme: ‘If Looks Could Kill’
Frame: Nicolai BMXTB Race, Anodized Blue Finish
Fork: Rockshox Pike
Wheelset: Atomlab G1 / Chris King Gold / Pillar Ti Spokes
Brakes: Magura Marta Raceline

While waiting for Wildfire to arrive, the fun experienced from the concept-building phase was just lingering. Having test-ridden the BMXTB builds, it seemed only natural to replace my hardtail then, with Nicolai’s race hardtail.

The love for Nicolai’s exquisite frame quality sealed the deal, and so I ordered the BMXTB Race CD while awaiting Wildfire’s arrival. There were no two ways about the choice of running Gates Belt-drive technology on the build, and the direction for the bike was to take the form of a cool and flashy form – this eventually led to the name, Iceflare. The choice of an anodized blue finish for the frame was greeted by yellow as the colour for parts.

If anything, expectations were overshot and excitement got doubled when news arrived that both frames belonging to myself would be delivered together.

The anticipation was barely contained, that the good folks at AttitudeBikes even went to collect the frames from the shipping facility in the middle of the night just for a mini package-opening ceremony!

With consideration for both blue and yellow being loud colours, black coloured components were carefully used to offer the necessary bridge for the right contrast for the eventual finish. Custom decals were the final phase to completing Iceflare’s good looks.

– Jek

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  1. March 16, 2012 5:26 pm

    Great Job

  2. August 18, 2012 8:21 am

    Nice! I would like to try those bikes so hard!

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