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Inspired Skye. The Danny Macaskill Signature.

March 13, 2012

One of the most anticipated street trials bikes arrived at AttitudeBikes recently, and it is none other than the Inspired Skye. Most of you would instantly recognise this bike from the ever so popular videos of street trials legend, Danny Macaskill. Named after the Isle of Skye where Danny grew up, the Skye is the signature bike that he developed with Inspired.

11.9kg might seem to lean a little on the heavy side for a street trials bike, but it turned out to be extremely nimble and easy to maneuver. Those who tested the Skye agreed that manualing on it was a breeze, and it felt like the bike could almost ‘balance’ on it’s own. It honestly feels nothing like the Fourplay, and you can take our word for it.

Now let’s check out some of the awesome features of the complete bike. A custom Inspired riser bar with lock-on grips comes spec’ed as standard, no surprises there.

Bolted onto it is a 90mm x 10 degree Hope Stem. We reckon that this bar/stem combination (together with the spacers) is pretty much spot on for street trials trickery.

These special cable guides can be taped to various parts of the fork if you decide to run your cables as standard, through the fork, or brakeless a la Sean Watson. It might be very minute, but we think it’s really nice detail that Inspired has included.

The Inspired Skye fork features a 20mm bolt thru axle to make sure that everything is stiff, and stays in place.

The only parts on the bike that didn’t come as standard were the DMR Moto Digger tyres that we fitted on.

Moving on to the drivetrain, is a cleverly designed rear tensioner system that is tucked away to avoid being it when doing tricks or side hops. The rear derailluer hanger is also mounted from the under side of the right drop out for that very same reason.

Hope Tech’s 2-Trial brakes with 180mm discs front and rear provide more than enough braking power. 4-bolt rim brake mounts are included for those you (like myself) who prefer to run hydraulic rim brakes.

Another lovely detail is the one-piece bottom bracket and chainstay yoke, that did not only increase the stiffness of the the frame. It also greatly improved the crank clearance issues with the chainstay that we always had when fitting standard Shimano Hollow Tech 2 system onto the Fourplay’s that we built. We reckon that a special bottom bracket spindle width contributed not only to the improve in clearance, but we felt that it enhanced the stability as our stance on the bike did feel wider than usual.

In the rear, a special 12mm x 135mm Hope Pro 2 Trials hub is also bolted onto the frame via a thru axle system. This bolt through combination in the front and rear also increased the stiffness and responsiveness of the bike. The Pro 2’s are laced to wide and stable Atomlab Pimps with Sapim spokes, with the entire wheel being hand built in the UK before it is packed for shipment.

From the sublime choice of parts, to the cleverly designed features of the frame, we’re blown away by the attention to detail that Inspired and Danny Macaskill has put in to the development of the Skye. This is definitely not your run of the mill street trials bike.

The Inspired Skye is available as a complete bike or a frame kit. For more information, call us at (+65)63444579, or email us at

Do note that the Inspired Skye orders are subjected to availability and we will try our very best to secure the delivery once the order has been placed.

– Ben

3 Comments leave one →
  1. June 16, 2012 6:51 pm

    crazily expensive as a full bike

  2. vincent sto.domingo permalink
    October 4, 2012 4:08 am

    i just want to know if danny uses a 26″ or a 24″ tires because you didnt mention it

  3. October 4, 2012 11:08 am

    It’s a 24″ tyre 🙂 The Skye is a 24″ only frame.

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