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Nicolai Helius AM 2010 – The trend is Blue.

April 10, 2012

You have since IceFlare’s Blue, Nicolai Gates Team’s Yellow/blue. Now here’s our own version of a very unique paint job, and boy it sure is blue!

After the 2nd owner recieve this Nicolai Helius AM as a used bike some months ago. He decided to repaint the frame but was unsure of the color. And after several polishing sessions in the “Raw” state. He decided to paint the frame, in a very unique tone of Metallic blue.

And since its Airbrush, the owner decided to have his initial/ favorite numbers done on the frame as well!

This special mixed tone of blue was selected from the initial choice of Audi Blue, which was darker and may not finish off with the same kind of effect that this lightened tone provides.

Taking the chance of the rebuild, a set of new CarboCage chain guide was added.

Check out the Blue with red Bits combination! Its just simply drives us crazy! All these being topped off with a set of DMR Vault pedals in none other color but red!

Taking some time to refurbish the wears on the bike also mean a new set of shock rockers from Nicolai and the new Vivid Coil rear shock which is equipped with NukeProof Ti spring.

One of the safer combination to match with Titanium spring we must say due to the widely misuse of Titanium spring on shock that are not tuned/valved to use Titanium springs as the spring changes the characteristic of the shock more then the savings in weight from swooping out a steel spring!

Never-the-less with the new decals and the paint work this will definitely a Beau in our eyes and loads of attraction in the trails for sure!

– Walton

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