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Deity Streetsweeper(s).

October 5, 2012

We have two Deity Streetsweeper builds in this post, each having a certain choice of colours, unique in their own right.

Before the selection of colours and components, we started out by speaking to both owners in order to understand how they would like their bikes to turn out. (Do bear in mind that these two guys are buddies who have both chosen very similar components, but with very different colour schemes.)

This Streetsweeper originally had a Flat Yellow paint job and we had it repainted in a bright gloss white finish.

As the original colour of the frame’s ‘two-tone’ decals were intended to match the original Flat Yellow paint job, we decided that it would be best to have some custom ‘two-tone’ decals produced so that it would match the blue components.

A closer look at the custom decals…

This Streetsweeper on the other hand kept its original Flat Purple paint job.

Only some minor custom decals were needed to bring out the colours.

The ‘personal touch’…

Both bikes are equipped with a mix of Deity and Atomlab parts. Besides providing a wide range of colours to choose from, they were also chosen for their durability.

We also had some custom lowering done to both RockShox Sektors in order to reduce the travel to 100mm. Custom decals were also produced to match the forks to their respective bikes.

These two Deity Streetsweepers are perfect examples on the the types of customisation that we can provide for you, regardless of whether you would like to enhance original paint job, or do a complete make over to your bike.

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