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Surly Karate Monkey. The Gates Carbon Drive Conversion (Part 1).

February 6, 2013

Followers on our Facebook page would have seen photos of this Surly Karate Monkey (edit: previously mistaken as a Surly Cross-Check thanks to the modifications that we did -_-” . Thank you Lynten for pointing it out to us promptly!) undergoing a Gates Carbon Drive conversion a couple of weeks ago. Well the project was completed recently; and it being one of the most memorable bikes that we have worked on, meant that we definitely had to give you guys an insight into how it was done.

To be honest we didn’t expect the work to be as extensive as it did, the owner of the bike originally came to us to have his beloved Karate Monkey ‘simplified’ by grinding off unnecessary cable guides as he would be running it single speed. However, with his concerns that he was sick and tired of getting chain lube on his pants when he rode to work everyday, it was inevitable that driving the bike with a Gates Carbon belt would be ideal!

But how on earth do you run a Gates Carbon belt on a frame that was not designed for it? How is the belt even going to fit through the frame you might ask? Well thanks to our experience in working with Gates Carbon Drive ready frames since 2009, we made it work. Read on to find out more!

Firstly the paint was removed to prep it for welding (it required a new paint job anyway), and we had a piece of the frame cut off at the seatstay.

Next a 4130 chromoly lug was machined. It had to be precisely measured to ensure that it would fit into the area that was cut out.

The lug is then drilled and tapped with an M5 bolt.

The two ends of the lugs were ground down as the seat stay is tapered and it had to fit REALLY snugly into the tubing!

We were extremely glad that the frame was made out of 4130 chromoly as it was really easy to work with.

Soon enough it was sent to the paint shop for a new coat of airbrushed metallic gloss black paint!

Not too shabby at all yeah?

Click here for Part 2 where we check out the rest of this Surly Karate Monkey build!

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  1. February 7, 2013 2:38 am

    Great to see that this is possible. I have been wanting to do this to my KM for a while. Just curios is that a Paragon lug?

    Thanks for the post!

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