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Nicolai Helius AM – Anodised Perfection.

March 13, 2013

Followers on our Facebook page would instantly recognise this particular Nicolai Helius AM on the left. Inspired by the gold anodised finish on his brother’s ION 20 (right), and loving the anodised purple finish that Nicolai offered, it led the owner to ordering his Helius AM in an anodised purple/gold finish. It wasn’t all about aesthetics though, as the anodised finish also provided practical advantages, such as a reduction in the overall weight and maintenance.

Now that the photos have finally been released, let’s check out some shots of this really sick build!

We were glad that we were able to source for anodised purple components that suited the rest of bike perfectly, such as Deity’s Dirty 30 bar and the DMR’s Vault pedals.

All 6+ inches of rear travel on the Cane Creek Double Barrel rear shock sure didn’t look out of place on the Helius AM at all.

Sure, the saddle isn’t anodised, but the purple and yellow colourway suited the rest of the bike perfectly!

The Nicolai HammerSchmidt Pimp Kit was spec’ed not just because of it’s anodised gold finish, but it also has technical improvements. It gets machined thinner towards the outer circle to provide more clearance for the rider’s ankles, and it also features optimised cable routing.

Judging from the number of ‘likes’ that the earlier photos of this bike have been receiving on our Facebook page, we guess everyone loves it just as much as we do. Now this is what we call “Anodised Perfection”.

All photos courtesy of Yan Rahardjo.

(Thinking of getting a new bike with a crazier anodised finish than this Helius AM? Well, look no further as Nicolai offers 9 different anodised colours for their entire range of frames. Call us at: +65 63444579, or drop us an email at: for enquires and more information.)

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