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Nicolai Nucleon AM – An Acquired Taste.

April 2, 2013

Nicolai’s Nucleon AM has always been a bit of an ‘acquired taste’ for some people when it comes to the ideal All-Mountain bike. Even though it’s lighter than it’s predecessor, the Nucleon TFR, it still has a bit of a weight penalty that is apparent when climbing.

However, there are those who look beyond that, and what they see is a bloody reliable All-Mountain bike that is built like a tank, capable of performing just as well is it did when it first arrived, despite all that it’s been thrown at.

So when the time came for an upgrade from his Nucleon TFR, it absolutely did not come as a surprise to us when the new owner of  this pre-owned Nucleon AM decided to purchase it.

Once sporting a glossy sky blue paintjob, we stripped the paint off the main triangle and chainstay, and sent it to get airbrushed in glossy metallic orange.

The functional cockpit features a bell that is perfect for signaling to that rider in front to ‘kindly move to the side as my bike is faster than yours’.

A RockShox Vivid Air in the rear provides the supple feel of a coil shock, without the added weight.

Some like it, some don’t, but dropper posts like this X Fusion Hilo are quite the norm for All-Mountain bikes.

There’s no doubt that the main feature of this bike has got to be the G-Boxx, a sealed gearbox located at the bottom bracket area, where all of it’s moving components are protected from the elements.

Not to worry, your eyes aren’t playing a trick on you as the driving chain is indeed on the left hand side of the bike. It is designed as such in order for the heavily-modified Rohloff system to work.

Nicolai has spec’ed all of it’s G-Boxx frames with the patented Compound Rear Hub to not only enable easy removal of the rear wheel…

… it also gives the bike an optimum chainline.

This, just like all other Nucleon AM’s, may not be the fastest nor the lightest All-Mountain bikes in the market, but theres no denying that it’s owner can’t wait to hit the trails with it again.

All photos courtesy of Benjamin Teo/Oh Cheese Visuals for AttitudeBikes.

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