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Moots FrosTi – No Snow, No Problem.

January 6, 2014

Whether you hate them or love them, there’s no denying that Fat Bikes have gained quite a lot of popularity in the recent years. Originally invented for efficient riding in the snow covered trails in Alaska, you can now find them being ridden all over the world in various terrains; both off, and on-road. That includes us here in Singapore, where there has been a steady increase in the numbers joining the Fat Bike community. And when industry giants like Trek and Specialized start to produce their own versions, you’ll realise it isn’t just a fad.

This featured bike stands out in the sea of the more common cro-mo Fat Bike. Moots as we know are legends in building the finest Titanium frames, which just makes this FrosTi build that much sicker.

Just look at that…

Now, on to the build. This owner of this FrosTi came to us to have his bike rebuilt to make it more ‘trail friendly’ as he takes it off-road very often. Starting from the cockpit, we ran a tradition MTB stem/bar setup.

We also relaced his Surly Marge Lite wheels with the 11nine 15mm thru-axle hubs.

They are designed to be run with with 11nine’s LuLu suspension fork for a nice and stiff front end!

The old Surly crankset was replaced by e.13’s XCX Fat Bike Double Crank that drives the SRAM X0 groupset.

The rear wheels were also relaced with Hope’s Pro 2 Evo Fatsno hubs!

These bikes may look odd at first glance to most of us riders due to their super wide (almost) 4″ tyres, but put away all that you remember about riding a bike, and you’ll realise it’s actually heaps of fun to be able to roll over everything with ease, on a bike that has no fancy suspension designs and linkages.

Photos courtesy of Benjamin Teo/OC Visuals for AttitudeBikes.

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